STS 58th Annual Meeting

Registration & Hotel Support Information

Is the STS Annual Meeting in-person or virtual this year?

Out of concern for the health and safety of our community during the surging pandemic, STS will convert its 58th Annual Meeting from an in-person event in Miami to a virtual event. In taking this difficult but necessary step, we thoughtfully considered input, data, and guidance from a variety of sources, as well as reports from members on the front line. Although disappointing that, once again, we will not be together in person, this is the most prudent decision given the information we have today.

The good news is that STS 2022 will go on as a live, 2-day, virtual meeting to be held January 29-30. The program will be shorter, but retain key elements, including the latest ground-breaking research, thought-provoking plenaries, and valuable industry symposia. We are confident in our ability to deliver high-quality, engaging content for all participants. The revised program is in development and will be shared shortly.

You may register for the virtual-only conference on the STS 58th Annual Registration website.

How much does it cost to attend the STS 58th Annual Meeting?

Please visit the STS website for a full breakdown of meeting registration fees.

How will I access the virtual conference? What is my login and password?

If you're already registered for the virtual conference and paid your registration fee, you will be notified at the email address which you used to register with information on how to log in.  Don't worry if you do not receive the email! Login instructions are below:

The virtual platform will go live on Monday, January 24 in the afternoon, which means you will gain access to on-demand content and e-posters, as well as to the "My Experience" customizable schedule.

To log into the platform, you will use the email address you registered with and registration confirmation number, which is located on your registration confirmation next to "Registration Summary" - it begins with the letter "R" followed by 7 digits.

If you are unable to locate your registration confirmation number, login to the registration site and follow the steps below:
• Visit STS Annual Meeting Registration Site:
• Login using your STS account credentials.
• Once logged in, select View Confirmation.
• You will find the Confirmation Number under the Registration Summary (it begins with the letter “R” followed by 7 digits)

Save this information, as you'll need it to access the meeting content, including livestream sessions that begin on Saturday, January 29. Please contact with questions.

I'm a student, resident or fellow. How do I receive the discounted registration rate?

Students, Residents and Fellows must submit proof of status attesting to current enrollment as a student, employment as a resident or appointment as a fellow to receive discounted registration fees.

One of the following must be submitted:

* Student/Resident ID that has an expiration date. If your Student/Resident ID does not have an expiration date on it, you may send it along with a copy of your transcript or letter of acceptance from your educational institution or Resident program.


* A dated letter from your institution on letterhead, signed by an advisor or department head showing that you are currently enrolled as a student, employed as a resident, or have a fellowship.

You may submit your proof of status during the registration process. If your STS account does not reflect your current status as a student, resident or fellow, please submit your proof of status to or fax to (415) 979-2276.

I am an Exhibitor. How do I register for the Annual Meeting?

Please contact Meagan Reichstein for questions about registering exhibitors for the virtual meeting.

What is the cancelation policy?

All requests for cancelations must be made in writing and sent to the STS Registration Support Center by January 21, 2022. All cancellation fees will be waived. Requests for refunds will not be honored if submitted after January 21, 2022

I had previously registered for the in-person option. How can I switch to the virtual option?

With STS 2022 pivoting to an online format, you will needto change your registration to virtual by following these simple steps:

·         Log into your STS registration record and select “Edit Registration.”

·         Click “Next” to continue beyond the profile page.

·         On the Meeting Options page, find the “In-Person” or “Virtual Only” meeting options.

·         Uncheck your current selection of “STS 58th Annual Meeting – In-Person” and select “STS 58th Annual Meeting – Virtual Only.” Click “Next.”

·         Any ticketed session or guest registrations automatically will be removed from your record. If you get a pop-up indicating that these sessions will be removed, click “OK.”

·         Click “Next” at the bottom of each page until you return to the Event Dashboard. 

Your updated registration will be saved and a new confirmation email sent. Refunds will be processed within 5-7 business days (timing for credits to appear on individual statements will vary by card holder). If you have any questions, contact the STS Registration Support Center

I have other registration questions.

To reach us by phone:
(800) 651-2842 (US & Canada)
(415) 979-2285 (International)

Our call center is operating Monday through Friday, 9:00AM ET - 9:00PM ET.

You may also email us through our email contact form.

I have general meeting questions.

Please visit the STS website and review the list of frequently asked questions.

Now that the meeting has gone virtual, what do I need to do with my hotel reservation? How do I cancel it?

STS’s official registration and housing provider has canceled your hotel reservation on your behalf. In the event you already have been charged a deposit by your hotel, the Society will work with the hotel to secure a refund; however, in most cases, deposits have not been charged. Note that it may take 5-7 business days for hotel refunds to process. Should you have any questions about a hotel deposit refund, contact

Can I still keep my hotel reservation even though the meeting has gone virtual?

Unfortunately, all hotel reservations will be cancelled since they were specifically part of the STS meeting, and you will have to rebook your hotel at the current rate on the hotel's website.

I have other hotel reservation questions.

To reach us by phone:
(800) 651-2842 (US & Canada)
(415) 979-2285 (International)

Our call center is operating Monday through Friday, 9:00AM ET - 9:00PM ET.

You may also email us through our email contact form.